The North Cape
North Cape
North Cape. 1594
The Barentsz expedition in 1594 did sail by the North Cape, and in Jan van Linschoten's narrative from this voyage, we find the first depiction of it.
North Cape
Ill. from
Speculum Boreale
The Speculum Boreale by Hans. H. Lilienskiold from late 17th -century contains a description of and a waterpainting showing the North Cape.
North Cape
Louise Philippe
at the North Cape
Prince Louis-Philippe, the future king of France, visited the North Cape anonymously in 1795.
North Cape
North Cape. 1799
The Swedish A. F. Skjöldebrand and the Italian Guiseppe Acerbi were among the pioneer tourists to the North Cape. Skjöldebrand made this waterpainting on the journey.
North Cape
A.Mayer 1838
The La Recherche Expedition visited the North Cape in 1838, and Auguste Mayer made this picture.
North Cape
(Peder Balke)
The cliff of the North Cape must have made a lasting impression on Peder Balke when he paid a visit to northern Norway in 1832. This motif was painted repeatedly by Balke afterwards.

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