A collection of maps
Olaus Magnus 1539
Olaus Magnus:
Carta Marina (1539).
The Nordic Countries.
Ortelius 1570
Abraham Ortelius (1570):
The Nordic Countries.
Mercator 1589
Gerard Mercator (1606):
Polar region.
Waghenaer 1592
Lucas Waghenaer:
Finmarchia (1592)
Linschoten 1594
Jan Huyghens van
Linschoten (1601):
Scandinavian countries
and northern Russia.
Barentsz 1599
Willem Barentsz (1599):
Polar map.
Janssonius 1657
Joannes Janssonius (1657):
Polar region.
Goos 1666
Pieter Goos (1666):
Norway, Lappland,
Iceland, Spitzbergen
and Jan Mayen.
Coronelli 1690
Vincentius Coronelli
(1690): Polar region.
Scherer 1702
Heinrich Scherer (1702):
Polar region.


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The Northern Lights Route is part of The Council of Europe Cultural Routes. The Cultural Routes are an invitation to Europeans to wander the paths and explore the places where the unity and diversity of our European identity were forged.