17th century


icon The Bering Strait
The great Nordic expedition conducted experiments along the Siberian coastline from 1734-43. A leading figure was Vitus Bering who already had sailed through the Bering Strait as early as 1728.
icon Carolus Linnaeus
The botanist, Carolus Linnaeus (Carl von Linné), made an important journey to Lapland to conduct botanical studies.
icon The Trumpet of Nordland
The Trumpet of Nordland was printed (Bergen and Copenhagen) in 1739, 32 years after det death of its author, Petter Dass.
icon An Account of the Laplanders of Finmark
After having studied Sami culture for some time, Knud Leem published his book, Beskrivelse over Finmarkens Lapper ("An Account of the Laplanders of Finmark, their Language, Manners, and Religion"), in 1767.
icon The Pomor Trade legalized
After many years of illegal trading, the pomor trade was legalized in 1789.
icon Tourism to the North Cape
The French prince Louis Philippe visited the North Cape in 1795. He was followed four years later by the Swedish A. F. Skjöldebrand and the Italian Guiseppe Acerbi. These events started the North Cape tourism.


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