WG2 business models

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Many journal owners elect a more traditional publishing method or business model than the ones supported by the software in WG1, but with a major component of open access. Financial constraints and careful steps lead to hybrid solutions with a degree of print or online embargo in place. These solutions can be regarded as intermediary or final solutions. The self-managed solutions of the software systems in WG1 may also be too thin for some larger journals and the involvement of professional publishers is preferred.
Work group 2 plans to investigate the possible solutions and set up an online website devoted to the issue. WP2 also includes a number of practical tests. A few of the identified models will be tested by selected journals during the project. The journals are listed in Tab. 2 and plan to apply for addition funding from NOPHS. A test will also be done to see how retro-digitization shapes the use of the journal website.