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Work group 1 – Editorial software systems and hosting solutions

The editorial software system is the very core of the technical system that supports online publishing. Many of these are constructed in a way that societies and other journal owners can manage the work themselves. A common situation is that an organization or a university hosts an installation of software, which then can be accessed by several journal managers. A whole range of software solutions has been developed for the effort (see http://www.arl.org/sparc/publisher/journal_management.html). One with strong following has been adopted by several of the participants, Open Journal Systems (OJS). It is developed on an open-source platform by Simon Fraser University, Canada. In Sweden, Linköping University has developed its own software, Journal Author and Reviewer Support System (JARSS), which uses a different approach and has a number of additional facilities compared to other systems. These software solutions are still developing and offer ample opportunities for additions of functionality and features.

Actions by WG1

Open Journal Systems (OJS)

Initiate a Nordic OJS users interest group.

Contacts will be taken with all known Nordic users of the OJS software. From their experiences a common “wish-list” will be put together and presented to the OJS developers team. The establishment of a Nordic OJS User Group will be supported in connection with this activity. Time-line: The common “wish-list” should be established by June 2009 and an OJS Nordic interest group meeting arranged in connection with the NOAP-conference in September/October 2009. We have put together a listing of Nordic_Journals_using_OJS. Please help us keep this listing updated.

Translation of OJS to Nordic languages

The Norwegian translation is available at [1]

Danish, Finnish and Swedish translations are forthcoming.