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According to DOAJ (The Directory of Open Access Journals), there are about 100 Open Access journals in the Nordic and Baltic countries currently.

Below, we have a list of such journals, with the information we have about how they finance their activities. We hope you will help us keep this list up to date.


Sortable table
Name City State/Country Year Designed Built Other Information Image
Unity Chapel Spring Green Wisconsin 1886
Hillside Home School I Spring Green Wisconsin 1887
Beth Sholom Synagogue Elkins Park Pennsylvania 1954 Completed 1959 150px
Exhibition Pavillion Los Angeles California 1954 1954 Destroyed
Bachman-Wilson House Millstone New Jersey 1954 1954-6
William L. Thaxton Jr. House Bunker Hill Village Texas 1954
(John E. Christian Residence)
West Lafayette Indiana 1954 1954-6
Gerald B. and Beverley Tonkens House Cincinnati Ohio 1954
Cedric G. and Patricia Boulter Residence Cincinnati Ohio 1954 1956
Louis B. Frederick House Barrington Hills Illinois 1954
Willard H. Keland House Racine Wisconsin 1954
Don E. Lovness Studio & Cottage Stillwater Minnesota 1955 Cottage built 1972
Dorothy H. Turkel House Detroit Michigan 1955
William B. Tracy House Normandy Park Washington 1955 1956
Toufic H. Kalil House Manchester New Hampshire 1955 1955
Kalita Humphreys Theater Dallas Texas 1955 Completed 1959
Randall Fawcett House Los Banos California 1955 Completed 1961
John L. Rayward House
New Canaan Connecticut 1955 1955
Max Hoffman House Rye New York 1955 Completed 1972 150px
Theodore A. Pappas House St. Louis Missouri 1955 1960-4
Dr. Karl Kundert Medical Clinic San Luis Obispo California 1955
Robert H. Sunday House Marshalltown Iowa 1955 1957
R. W. Lindholm Service Station Cloquet Minnesota 1956 1956-8 150px
Frank Bott Residence Kansas City Missouri 1956
Harold C. Price Sr. House Paradise Valley Arizona 1956
Allen Friedman House Bannockburn Illinois 1956
Dr. Kenneth L. Meyers Medical Clinic Dayton Ohio 1956
Dudley Spencer House
Wilmington Delaware 1956 1956-61
Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church Milwaukee Wisconsin 1956 1959-61 150px
Wyoming Valley Grammar School Spring Green Wisconsin 1956
Marshall Erdman Prefab Houses Various Locations 1956 1956 - 1961 (Marshall Erdman Prefab Houses)
Eugene Van Tamelen House Madison Wisconsin 1956 1956 (Marshall Erdman Prefab House #1)
Arnold Jackson House
Madison Wisconsin 1956 1957 (Marshall Erdman Prefab House #1)
Relocated to Beaver Dam, WI in 1985
Donald C. Duncan House Lisle Illinois 1956 1957 (Marshall Erdman Prefab House #1)
Relocated to Polymath Park, PA in 2002
Frank Iber House Plover Wisconsin 1956 1957 (Marshall Erdman Prefab House #1)
Carl Post House Barrington Hills Illinois 1956 1957 (Marshall Erdman Prefab House #1)
James B. McBean Residence Rochester Minnesota 1956 1957 (Marshall Erdman Prefab House #2) 150px
Walter Rudin House Madison Wisconsin 1956 1957-9 (Marshall Erdman Prefab House #2)
Joseph Mollica House Bayside Wisconsin 1956 1958 (Marshall Erdman Prefab House #1)
The Crimson Beech
(William Cass House)
Staten Island New York 1956 1959 (Marshall Erdman Prefab House #1)
Dr. Edward & Laura Jane LaFond House St. Joseph Minnesota 1956 1960 (Marshall Erdman Prefab House #1)
Socrates Zaferiou House Blauvelt New York 1956 1961 (Marshall Erdman Prefab House #1)
Marin County Civic Center San Rafael California 1957 Completed 1976 150px
William P. Boswell Residence Indian Hill Ohio 1957 Completed 1961
C. E. Gordon House Wilsonville Oregon 1957 Completed 1963 Relocated to Silverton, OR in 2001 150px
Paul J. and Ida Trier House Johnston Iowa 1957 1957
Robert G. Walton House Modesto California 1957
Dr. Herman T. Fasbender Medical Clinic Hastings Minnesota 1957 1959 150px
Wichita State University Juvenile Cultural Study Center Wichita Kansas 1957 Completed 1963
Sterling Kinney Residence Amarillo Texas 1957
Carl E. Schultz House St. Joseph Michigan 1957 1957
Duey and Julia Wright House Wausau Wisconsin 1957 1959
Dr. George Ablin House Bakersfield California 1958
Pilgrim Congregational Church Redding California 1958 1960-3
Don M. Stromquist House Bountiful Utah 1958 1959
Seth C. Peterson Cottage Mirror Lake Wisconsin 1958 1958
Lockridge Medical Clinic Whitefish Montana 1958
Paul Olfelt House St. Louis Park Minnesota 1958
Noman Lykes House Phoenix Arizona 1959 Completed 1968