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According to DOAJ (The Directory of Open Access Journals), there are about 100 Open Access journals in the Nordic and Baltic countries currently.

Below, we have a list of such journals, with the information we have about how they finance their activities. We hope you will help us keep this list up to date.


Sortable table
Navn Land Utgiver Språk ISSN E-subscr P-subscr Sale of ed. Sale of info Advertising Hosting support Society support Third party support Other
Agraarteadus EE Estonian Academic Agricultural Society Estonian, English 1024-0845 x x x
Sociologija : Mintis ir Veiksmas LT Klaipeda and Vilnius University Lithuanian, English 1392-3358 x x
Ennen ja Nyt : Historian Tietosanomat FI Agricola-project, Finnish historical society, Historical society Helsinki, Historical society of Turku Finnish, English, Swedish, German 1458-1396 x x x
Žmogus ir Žodis LT Vilnius Pedagogical University Lithuanian, English, German, Russian, French, Italian 1392-8600 x x x
Engineering Economics LT Technologija English 1392-2785
Oslo Studies in Language NO University of Oslo English 1890-9639
Scandinavian Journal of Information Systems DK The IRIS Association English 0905-0167
International Journal of Public Information Systems SE Mid Sweden University English 1653-4360
Resistance Studies Magazine SE Resistance Studies Network English 1654-7063
Copenhagen Journal of Asian Studies DK Copenhagen Business School English 1395-4199
Soter LT Vytautas Magnus University Lithuanian, English, German, Polish, Russian 1392-7450

Hillside Home School I Spring Green Wisconsin 1887
Robert G. Walton House Modesto California 1957
Dr. Herman T. Fasbender Medical Clinic Hastings Minnesota 1957 1959 150px