Nordic Journal Hosting Possibilities

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Field definitions
Host name The name of the service, or the institution running it
Contact information Name(s) and e-mail address of contact persons
URL URL pointing to the service
Inclusion criteria If a journal must live up to some specific criteria to be able to use the service. E.g. be affiliated to a specific university or be Open Access, etc.
Pricing Is there any cost for the journal for using the service
Local technical development If a journal wants new functionalities or features, can this be taken care of by the service itself?
Contracts journal/publisher Is there a formal, legal contract between the journal and the service regulating terms and conditions?
Support multimedia publications Is it possible to add audio or video files to an article?
Tech. support Keeping the software up and running, upgrading software and running a back-up system.
Long-term archiving Are there routines to secure long-time availability to the publications?
Proof-reading Which of these services can the publisher/host offer? – indicates that the service is not offered.
Layout editing
Parallel print ed.
Print on demand
Subscription management
Publication fee management
Copyright clearance
Database indexing