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Are you planning to set up a new journal or do you want to learn more about how to manage your old journal more effectively or turn it into an Open Access Journal? A new resource, The Online Guide to Open Access Journals Publishing is available now at

Quote from the introduction: "This guide focuses on Open Access scholarly journals publishing. By “Open Access journals” we refer to the publication of peer reviewed scientific manuscripts under the umbrella of a specific journal title.

The Online Guide to Open Access Journals Publishing is a web-based, living document that allows users to navigate quickly to specific areas of interest. Each chapter contains links to additional resources on the same topic in the form of: other documents and websites, tools and templates that can be adapted for your own use, and examples and best practices from other editorial teams to illustrate how the information can be implemented. Wherever possible, tables, charts, figures and checklists have been used in place of lengthy text.

This is a living document. Users are asked to please submit their own best practices and experiences by using the “Share your best practices” function available at the bottom of each page. Your experiences can bring insight to others! We also request that users bring inoperable links to the attention of the developers by clicking on “Contact” in the menu to the left and filling in the form."

Journal Management & Open Access – tools and best practice

A practical workshop on how to create and manage your open access journal successfully

Registration is closed! Both sessions are fully booked

If you want to be placed on a waiting list, email:
Indicate if you are interested in attending both or just one of the days in your email.

Time & place: 4-5 March, Copenhagen Business School, Solbjerg Plads 3 2000 Frederiksberg, Copenhagen.

Map with meeting locations and some close-by hotels.

Target groups: journal managers/editors, journal hosts/publishers

Cost: Free

Thursday 4th of March . A "hands on" tour of the OJS software: the editorial process, configuration options, and customization tips.
On march 4th we will have two hands-on sessions.
From 9.00 to 12.45 and from 13.30 to 17.15
These will be held at Porcelænshaven 16B, LOK: PH321

Friday 5th 09.00-17:00 Creating and Managing Open Access Journals
On march 5th we will be in the Euler Hermes Room (Ks71) at Kilen (the wedge).
This interactive workshop covers:
• Determining the scope, name, editorial board and governance structure, review process format/style and layout for the journal
• Developing policies, procedures, and instructions for authors
• Options for web hosting, journal management, backup, and web development
• Estimating the resource requirements for operating the journal and developing a business plan and financing options to address those requirements
• Considerations in developing partnerships with academic libraries, university presses and/or working with professional publishers and other consultants/partners
• Indexing, archiving and dissemination issues in developing a new journal or enhancing access to an existing journal
• Preparing for launching the journal, including obtaining initial content, developing a reviewer pool, marketing and publicizing the journal
• Ensuring visibility through marketing and the creation of multiple entry points to your journal

The workshop will consist of lectures combined with small group discussions under the direction of the faculty conceptualizing and designing a journal. Participants are provided with a series of forms, checklists and other written decision aides to use in working though the process of designing their journal and planning its implementation.

Workshop leaders:

David Solomon, PhD is a Professor of Medicine with a joint appointment in the Office of Medical Education Research and Development at Michigan State University. Trained as an educational psychologist he has over 20 years of experience in curriculum development, instructional design and evaluation in medical education. Dr. Solomon is the founding editor of Medical Education Online, an OA journal that has been in operation since April 1996. He has published widely on various topics in open access publishing and authored "Developing Open Access Journals: A practical guide", published by Chandos Publishing (Oxford) Limited that covers much of the material that will be contained in the workshop. He is one of the founders of the Open Access Scholarly Publishers Assocation, OASPA, and a Board Member of the same.

Caroline Sutton, PhD is one of the founding partners of Co-Action Publishing, an open access publishing house and an initiator behind, a portal of services for small publishing operations. Dr. Sutton worked for several years for a major international publishing house managing approximately 30 journals in the HSS and STM areas before forming Co-Action Publishing with her partners. Dr. Sutton is currently working on a project funded by the Swedish Royal Library to develop a best practices guide to open access journal publishing. She is a member of the Lund University Library Board and a member of the Advisory Board for Linköping University Press, Sweden; in addition to being one of the founders of the Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association, OASPA and President of the same.

Jan Erik Frantsvåg is an economist currently working with Open Access at the University Library of Tromsø. He has worked for a number of years in banking, but since 1993 he has worked at the University of Tromsø in various administrative positions. He has interested himself in the economics of online science publishing (now Open Access publishing) since 1995, and has been looking into business models for Open Access publishing in NOAP, a project financed by Nordbib. He is also currently head of NORA - Norwegian Open Research Archives.

Kurt Mathiesen Copenhagen Business School Library. is working as Research Services Librarian at Copenhagen Business School Library, and is involved in the Danish Open Access Network behind At CBSL he is managing the electronic publishing platform for journals at Copenhagen Business School, Ejournals@CBS.

Alec Smecher is the technical lead for the Public Knowledge Project and has overseen development of the Open Journal System for over 4 years. In addition to coding tasks and coordinating the development team, he leads OJS workshops in many countries.

Contact: Jörgen Eriksson, Project manager NOAP

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