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Welcome to the Nordbib project

Aiding Scientific Journals Towards Open Access Publishing

(or short NOAP - Nordic Open Access Publishing)

This is a Nordic library project directed towards aiding Nordic scientific journals to consider and implement an Open Access publishing model. The project aims at both creating a publicly available knowledge base for journals considering such an option, and at conducting actual establishing of Open Access journals or transitioning traditional journals to an Open Access model in order to gain practical experience with such a process.

The project consists of 6 sub-projects, called Work Groups or WGs:

WG1 software
WG2 business models
WG3 communications platforms
WG4 copyright issues
WG5 low volume printing
WG6 funding policies

8 Nordic institutions are currently partners in this project.

NOAP workshop in November

“Aiding Scientific Journals Towards Open Access Publishing”: a workshop in Uppsala, Sweden on the 25th of November. In connection with the Swedish conference 26-27th of November there will be a workshop where NOAP will disseminate its´ results. New ways of disseminating electronic scholarly journals, with among others university libraries as hosts, are emerging in all of the Nordic countries. Find out what is happening through current overviews and case-studies delivered by prominent Nordic actors in this area.
More information and programme will be available in September, but book your calendar now!
Information about the conference at:

Contact: Jörgen Eriksson, Project manager NOAP <p>

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