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Institutions that host neither authors, readers nor publishers may still have an interest in supporting Open Access Journals in order to increase dissemination of results from a smaller or wider area of science.

  • Research councils often host journal support programs
  • Other research founders may host publishing support programs, or may grant support on an application basis
  • Library support and research programs may support publishing
  • Funds, private or public, could find it possible to support OA publishing.

National institutions naturally will fund only publications based in their own country.

Nordic countries

Nordic Board for Periodicals in the Humanities and the Social Sciences (NOP-HS)

has a support program for Nordic scientific journals in the humanities and social sciences. The 2009 deadline for application is 26th August 2009, approx. EUR 335 000 is expected to be distributed in grants.

NOP-HS supports electronic journals and also journals transitioning to electronic publishing, and signals that in the future they may demand an OA model for journals seeking grants from them.


Norges forskningsråd (The Norwegian Research Council)

has a program to support national scientific journals. The last application deadline was June 4th 2009, there will be a new application deadline 2nd June 2010. For the 2009 application deadline there was between 1 mill NOK and 1.5 mill NOK available to support 12-15 national scientific journals in Humanities and Social Sciences. A problem for OA journals is that the guidelines explicitly demands that a journal, in order to be eligible for support, should have, or have a goal of aquiring, at least 200 paying subscribers. OA journals should not be deterred by this, we believe that the Research Council will (have to) change this policy.

The Norwegian Archive, Library and Museum Authority (ABM-utvikling)

periodically funds projects in the Library sector. Depending on the actual call for proposals, OA projects may be eligible for funding - however, funding for regular journal activities probably will fall outside the scope of these calls.