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Institutions that host neither authors, readers nor publishers may still have an interest in supporting Open Access Journals in order to increase dissemination of results from a smaller or wider area of science.

  • Research councils often host journal support programs
  • Other research founders may host publishing support programs, or may grant support on an application basis
  • Library support and research programs may support publishing
  • Funds, private or public, could find it possible to support OA publishing.

National institutions naturally will fund only publications based in their own country.

Nordic countries

===Nordic Board for Periodicals in the Humanities and the Social Sciences (NOP-HS)=== has a support program for Nordic scientific journals in the humanities and social sciences. The 2009 deadline for application is 26th August 2009.

NOP-HS supports electronic journals and also journals transitioning to electronic publishing, and signals that in the future they may demand an OA model for journals seeking grants from them.


  • Norges forskningsråd (The Norwegian Research Council) has a program to support national scientific journals. The last application deadline was June 4th 2009, there will be a new application deadline 2nd June 2010. For the 2009 application deadline there was between 1 mill NOK and 1.5 mill NOK available to support 12-15 national scientific journals in Humanities and Social Sciences. A problem for OA journals is that the guidelines explicitly demands that a journal, in order to be eligible for support, should have, or have a goal of aquiring, at least 200 paying subscribers. OA journals should not be deterred by this, we believe that the Research Council will (have to) change this policy.