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Advertising is a source of income employed by a minority of OA journals. Many of the larger, commercial OA publishers use advertising, but fewer of the smaller publishers or free-standing journals do.

Why not employ advertising?

A survey that is being conducted presently suggests a number of reasons for advertising not being exploited to a larger extent:

  • Ideological resistance to advertising in scientific journals
  • No or little knowledge of how internet advertising works and could be used in scientific journals

Is there any money in it?

A general impression is that advertising cannot finance an OA journal, but it can generate enough income to be helpful. Probably, the level of income will vary greatly between scientific fields. It will, necessarily, vary by number of readers.

What to think of

A number of elements must be looked at if one employs advertising:

  • The administrative and technical work needed in order to find and display advertising
    • Will advertising have to be solicited, negotiated and invoiced
    • Does the publishing platform easily allow advertising
  • How advertising could affect the journal's freedom
    • Can one offend a large advertiser? - or could one be suspected of not being free to do so?
    • Can one be suspected of tailoring content to the needs of the advertising income?
  • How will advertising affect the layout and look of the journal
    • Will scientists or the public read a journal that is cluttered with advertising like a modern online newspaper?
  • Could advertising content be in conflict with the editorial content or the basic views of the journal?