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When the transition is done between classical printed publishing and online Open Access, many journals wish to retain a smaller printed edition. A printed edition is interesting to institutions and other devoted subscribers of different reasons and may yield an income to the journal owner, which in same cases cover most of the affairs of the journal in general. A problem however is the basic cost of layout and setup in a print shop, which is independent of the number of copies printed.

Another related issue is print-on-demand. It can be valuable to offer printed articles, issues or whole publication years of a publication through a simple order system on the journal site. To vastly simplify the work flow in this area and to offer world-wide service, a credit-card system and a direct connection to a print shop is preferred.

Work group 5 will work at finding reasonable solutions to these problems. One possible way to simplify the procedure to print is to create good pdf-files from the start based on good set formats. Another way is the implement an XML-layer in the software, in which the article is entered and from which HTML-versions as well as pdfs can be generated. The goal is to implement the solution in both OJS and JARSS.

Project members

The following institutions participate in WG5:
Lund University, Lund, Sweden - leader
Museum Tusculanum Press,Copenhagen, Denmark - active
Linköping University, together with Royal Institute of Technology (Stockholm), Sweden - active
Copenhagen Business School, Copenhagen, Denmark - passive