Linschoten 1594.

Vardø is known since the middle ages; in the early 14th century the king established a fortress here. This fortress was later moved and called "the castle". The present fortress was built in the 18th century.
The Barentsz Expedition visited Vardø in 1594, and in Jan van Linschoten we find the first known depiction of it.
Ill. Speculum Boreale
Hans H. Lilienskiold was the governor of the County of Vardøhus, even if he lived in Vadsø. In his Speculum Boreale, we find this depiction and description of Vardø.

Vardøhus fortress,
the 1860s

The norwegian artist Peder Balke, after visiting Vardø in 1832, painted several dramatic pictures.
Vardø harbour
Vardø was the Norwegian capital of the Pomor trade between Northern Norway and the Northwestern part of Russia. The harbour was often crowded with russian ships.

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