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3.oct. 2000   The painter Theodor Kittelsen (1857 - 1914)
2.oct. 2000   The painter Franz W. Schiertz (1813 - 1887)
2.oct. 2000   The painter Knud Baade (1808 - 1879)
28.aug. 2000   Laestadius - Revivalist and Botanist
23.aug. 2000   Art - a new subject in The Northern Lights Route
21.aug. 2000   Jens Munk - Scandinavia's First Great Polar Explorer
9.aug. 2000   Peder Balke
4.aug. 2000   Linnaeus's journey to Lapland
4.aug. 2000   Shipwreck at the First Sphere of Paradise
3.aug. 2000   The Trade Route around the North Cape to the White Sea
3.aug. 2000   The 1670 voyage of la Martinière

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