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Northern travelers have often ended up as heroes. Dangerous expeditions to unfamiliar regions assure some individuals of immortality. No one would have remembered Ottar if he had not sailed on an open boat around the North Cape to the White Sea. It is those who pass by on their journeys, or who maybe settle down for a limited time as representatives of royalty or officialdom, who receive their recognition in history books. But we also need to recall that there are people who live under the northern lights. They have lived there for thousands of years and they still live there. These people are at home, without experiencing their native land as a dangerous and inhospitable icy wasteland. On this page, however, you will find those individuals of The Northern Lights Route who are preserved in memory.
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The Northern Lights Route is part of The Council of Europe Cultural Routes. The Cultural Routes are an invitation to Europeans to wander the paths and explore the places where the unity and diversity of our European identity were forged.