Lofoten in Paintings - Gunnar Berg

Gunnar Berg

Gunnar Berg: "Trollfjordslaget" (The Struggle at Troll Fjord). 1890.
Municipality of Vågan.

The painting depicts an historical event which occurred at Troll Fjord, near Svolvær, in 1890. The fishermen portrayed here had assaulted the more affluent fish dealers whom had blockaded the fjord with a steamship. Gunnar Berg was present and made numerous sketches.
We can see seven different stages of the struggle at Troll Fjord: from the start of things when the fjord ice was broken, to the beginning of negotiations on the fish catches, to the conflict itself, and to the final stage when the fjord lies deserted.
Details: No.1  -  No.2  -  No.3
The picture's Dragon Style frame has also been drawn by the artist.

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