16th century



The Cartographers
The 16th and 17th centuries were the time of the great pioneers of cartography. In the 17th century well-known polar charts were made by Mercator, Janssonius and Coronelli. The van Linschoten map of Scandinavia and the White Sea resulted from the expeditions of Willem Barentsz.

Jens Munk
In 1619, the Norwegian-Danish Jens Munk left on a daring voyage to discover the Northwest Passage.

Francesco Negri
The Italian Francesco Negri made a journey to northern Scandinavia, and arrived the North Cape in 1664.

la Martinière
The Frenchman la Martiniére rounded the coast from Finnmark to Russia in 1670.

Johannes Schefferus
The book Lapponia by Johannes Schefferus was published in 1673. This was the first comprehensive work on sami culture.

Hans. H. Lilienskiold
Hans. H. Lilienskiold was the district governor of Finnmark from 1684-1701. He wrote several works on Finnmark and the northern areas, beautifully illiminated by waterpaintings.


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