icon Solovki Monastery
The Solovki Monastery in the White Sea was founded in 1436.
icon Pietro Querini
Pietro Querini, an Italian trader, shipwrecked at Røst after a terrible storm in 1432.
icon The Hansa and the Nordland Trade
The Germans founded the Hanseatic Office, around 1360, in Bergen.
icon Ottar's journey
The viking chieftain, Ottar, sailed around the North Cape in the 9th-century AD and followed the Norwegian coast to Kola, before reaching the White Sea. He later told his story to king Alfred of England.
icon The voyage of Pytheas to Thule
The greek geographer, Pytheas, 350 B.C. made a journey to the far north.. After a six days northward voyage from Britanny, he reached an island which he called Thule, where the sun was above the horizon 24 hours-a-day during a short period of time during the summer.


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