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The University Library Project, Tromsø Museum - Dept. of Museum Studies

During the summer 1995 the University Library joined the Documentation Project. In December the registration centre in Indre Salten began registering the private collections of headmaster Just Knud Qvigstad. The first book to be registered is:

Dokumenter angaaende flytlapperne m.m. : samlede efter renbeitekommissionens opdrag. Del II / af J. Qvigstad og K.B. Wiklund. - Kristiania, 1909.
Over tittel: Renbeitekommissionen af 1907.

(Documents concerning the nomadic lapps etc.: compiled by request of the reindeer land and grazing rights commission. Part II/ by J. Qvigstad and K. B. Wiklund. - Kristiania, 1909.

In addition to the printed text the registration will include notes made by Qvigstad in the margin of his private copy of the book.

Later on other books and manuscripts which are part of the Qvigstad collections will be registered. Further, the plan is to register a bibliography of topographical literature and literature on regional history.

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