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The Place Name Project, ISL

The Place Name Project at the School of Literature & Languages (ISL), which started in October 1994, has had a long introductory stage with various challenges and minor complications. In the meantime matrikkel-lister (lists of real estate in Norway for each municipality, compiled by the Ministry of Finance in 1950) for northern Norway located at Avd. for navnegransking (Dept. of Onomastic Studies) at the University of Oslo have been prepared and registered on the project.

In March 1995 registration started at the registration centre in the northern municipality of Sør-Varanger. However, this work had to be stopped after a couple of months because of problems at the registration centre.

While waiting for a new registration group the project assistant has been busy collecting place names in the northernmost county of Finnmark. In the beginning of September a registration group was established in the municipality of Bardu; the group includes ten people one of whom is group leader. Registreringssentralen for historiske data (RHD - The Norwegian Historical Data Centre at the University of Tromsø) has contributed with an administrative manager working two days a week. Several of the other participants in the Bardu group have many years experience of registration work at RHD.

To start with the Norwegian place names were prepared for registration. These amount to approximately 25,000 index cards. Sami (lappish) and Finnish place names are also interesting for registration.

Contact: Siri Anne Sørland
Address: Institutt for språk og litteratur, Universitetet i Tromsø, N-9037 Tromsø
Phone: + 77 64 42 69
E-mail: siri@isl.uit.no
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