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The Archaeology Project, Tromsø Museum - Dept. of Museum Studies

The Archaeology Project started up at Tromsø Museum in the autumn of 1994 with the registration of the photography lists, i.e. an overview of photographic documentation of registration and excavations. The registration of the photography lists is almost completed now, and the registration of the so-called acquisition record has already started. The acquisition record is a catalogue listing the objects at the museum.

A total of thirteen people at the registration centre of Indre Salten are in charge of the registration and «tagging» (i.e. establishing search categories) of this material, thus making it easier to access the vast amount of information connected to archaeological finds and find sites. The computerised material will offer great benefits to archaeologists, students and others who seek this information.

Contact: Toini Thommessen
Address: Archaeology, Tromsø Museum - Dept. of Museum Studies, Universitety of Tromsø, N-9037 Tromsø
Telefon: 77 64 50 93
Elektronisk post: toini@imv.uit.no
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