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Literature of Northern Norway Northern-Norwegian bibliography of topography and local history containing literature from earlier times up to approximately 1975 - or about the same time that BIBSYS started its electronic registration.
Kvensk bibliografi Index encompassing literature related to the Finnish-language inhabitants of northern Norway. In norwegian.
Sami bibliography Sami bibliography listing Sami-language and Sami-related literature published in Norway from 1945-1987, and from 1993-present. The extent of the post-1993 bibliography is based upon the Norwegian Legal Deposit Act of 1989. More on Sami bibliography.
Tromsø Museum Publications This is a special bibliography on Tromsø Museum's publications that also contains some full-text volumes.
Library of Polar Commission The Library of the Polar Commission of the Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg (1914-1936) consists of about 4000 books and maps. The major part is in Russian language. Among the curiosities are books from the Norwegian Polar explorers with dedications and autographs (Nansen, Amundsen).
Additional Resources
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NISC - Arctic & Antarctic Regions. About access (in norwegian).

Polar PAC - Polar literature. See description and about access (in norwegian).

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