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Books     How to find books in Norwegian and foreign libraries, published books in Norway and older full-text books.  
Reference Works     Internet encyclopedias, dictionaries, maps and factbooks.
BIBSYS  -   Norbok  -   Worldcat  -   Runeberg   Britannica  -   Bokmål/Nynorsk  -   Webster's

Periodicals     Finding periodicals in Norwegian libraries and searching for article cross-references.   Government Information     Government departments and public documents, laws, statistics, etc. in both Norway and abroad.
BIBSYS  -   UBTØ  -   ISI Web of Knowledge  -   ProQuest Direct   Norge.no  -   Odin  -   Lovdata  -   SSB  -   IPU

Academic Databases     Interdisciplinary and subject-limited databases that may be searched via Web and the university net. Mostly indexes but also some in full-text versions.   News & Newspapers     Norwegian and international news media, NTB- and Aftenposten archives.
BIOSIS  -   Medline  -   Karnov  -   Litterature Online   Norwegian  -   NTB-nytt  -   Atekst  -   International

Research Documentation     References to research projects and research publications.   Other Libraries     Norwegian and international libraries on the Internet.
Forskpro  -   Forskpub  -   NSD   RBT-index  -   Biblioteknett  -   Nordic Libraries

Literature of the Arctic     Literature catalogs (bibliographies) and searchable databases of the Arctic regions.  
Northern Norway  -   Kvensk  -   Sami    

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