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Services below, marked with are only available to students and staff at the University of Tromsø.
About Conditions for access (in norwegian).

Norwegian Databases
BIBSYS - Ask Search in the local base (UBTØ).
BIBSYS is an electronic bibliographical database that is shared by the universities, the National Library and a number of colleges and subject libraries in Norway.
See borrowing privileges if interested in borrowing material.
BIBSYS To the BIBSYS homepage.
SAMBOK Norwegian union catalog of book titles. More on SAMBOK
BIBLIOFIL Library database of mostly Norwegian public libraries (in norwegian).
NORBOK Norwegian book inventory. More on NORBOK
International Databases
BIBLIOTEK.DK Library catalogs of Danish libraries.
Global Books in Print   English books in sales all over the world.
LIBRIS Library database of Swedish subject and research institute libraries.
Library of Congress Library catalogs of the largest American library.
Worldcat   Library catalog of research institute libraries in numerous countries, with an emphasis on the USA. Also to be found in OCLC-FirstSearch which is available only for faculty and students of the University of Tromsø.
Full-Text Sources
EBRARY   Large collection of electronic books in many subject areas. New!
Project Runeberg Older Nordic fiction - many classics.
Project Gutenberg English-language literature. Mostly classics but also recent titles.
The Internet Classics Archive More than 400 classical Greek and Roman texts. Translated into English, with commentaries.

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