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Presentations and Authors

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Taylor & Francis Open Access Survey: Exploring Authors Views of Taylor & Francis and Routledge Authors PPT PDF
Victoria Babbit
Prestige and quality – DOAJ:New selection criteria and ongoing developments PPT PDF
Lars Bjørnshauge
Open Access Publishing and the role of the Royal Society of Chemistry PPT PDF
May Copsey, Brian O'Connor
The European Commissionand Open Access PPT PDF
Jean-François Dechamp
Open Access in Humanities and Social Sciences PPT PDF
Eelco Ferwerda
“Book is a book is a book is a book”? Open Access monographs and the changing nature of contemporary scholarly publishing. PPT PDF
Agata Morka
Oh no – not yet another small, stand-alone humanities journal! PPT PDF
Jan Erik Frantsvåg
Open access policy guidelines by the MedOANet project: Facilitating open access policy development in Mediterranean Europe PPT PDF
Alexandros Nafpliotis, Victoria Tsoukala, Vasso Kalatizi
Enabling change in scholarly publishing in HSS in Greece: The case-study of ePublishing at EKT PDF
Alexandros Nafpliotis, Evi Sachini, Victoria Tsoukala
Two Open-Access Experiments in HSS: Journal and Monograph Publishing PDF
Yrsa Neuman
What's 'Open' about Open Access? The Vital Role of Copyright and Licenses PPT PDF
David C. Prosser
Theory and Practice in OA-policies - How to implement Open Access: a funder perspective PPT PDF
Rune Rambæk Schjølberg, Johannes W. Løvhaug
The Making of a Mandate PPT PDF
Niels Stern
Visibility and (alt)metrics of the Croatian Open Access (OA) journals PPT PDF
Jadranka Stojanovski
How to support journal transitions in HSS – A new model for Utrecht University Library PPT PDF
Inge Werner


Monitoring the Open Access Policy Compliance at Malmö University PDF
Jacob Andersson
The Phaidra Experience II PDF
Paolo Budroni
Gold for Gold PDF
May Copsey
Better than Average – The Positive Effects of a Department actively supporting Open Access PDF
Lars Kullman, Jonas Gilbert
Enabling change in scholarly publishing in Greece PDF
Alexandros Nafpliotis
MedOANet Guidelines for implementing open access policies PDF
Alexandros Nafpliotis


Welcome to UiT The Arctic University of Norway PPT PDF
Kenneth Ruud
Ølhallen PDF
Richard A. Holt

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