, The 8th Munin Conference on Scholarly Publishing 2013 - Entering the Next Stage

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Theory and Practice in OA-policies - How to implement Open Access: a funder perspective
Rune Rambæk Schjølberg, Johannes W. Løvhaug

Last modified: 02-12-2013


Theory and Practice in OA-policies: The Research Council of Norway is currently revising its policy on
Open Access. At the same time the Council is looking at ways to support Norwegian journals within
humanities and social sciences in order to promote OA-publishing. As a funding agency, the Research
Council is looking at ways to implement OA-policies. The key question is: How to move from principle
declarations on Open Access to practical tools for achieving OA-goals? Schjølberg and Løvhaug will
present a model for financial support to OA-journals within humanities and social sciences as a joint venture between the Research Council and research institutions in Norway.

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