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Thursday November 22nd

0900-1030   Pre-conference workshop: Open Monograph Press with John Willinsky

This workshop is included in the conference fee, but requires separate registration.

1000-1045    Conference registration

1045-1100    Conference opening

1100-1200    Keynote address by Damian Pattinson, Executive Editor of PLoS ONE: Megajournals and what they mean for the future of scientific publishing.

1200-1245    Lunch

1245-1300    Trond Trosterud, professor, University of Tromsø: What can the Zigglebottom Tagger teach academic publishing?

1300-1315    Lars Bjertnæs, professor, University of Tromsø: How can Open Access improve the possibilities to be seen? Collaborations with Northwest Russia and Balticum.

1315-1345     Bård Smedsrød, professor, University of Tromsø & Leif Longva, academic librarian, University of Tromsø: Professor, does your university (want to) know what you are doing?

1345-1400    Live Kvale, Science library at the University of Oslo: Sharing of research data – a study among researchers at UMB

1400-1415    Benjamin Planque, Researcher, Institute of Marine Research, Tromsø: The 'publish or perish'-pressure - beneficial to academic research?

1415-1430     Kaveh Bazargan, River Valley: ReView: a new approach to peer review, using WordPress

1430-1500     Break with coffee and fruit

1500-1515     Helle Goldman, Chief Editor, Polar Research, Norwegian Polar Institute: Polar Research: reflections two years after the journal’s transition to open access

1515-1700   Publishers’ session:

Caroline Sutton, Co-Action publishing: Can small, independent publishers survive in the future?

Federica Rosetta, Elsevier: Elsevier’s commitment to Universal Access

Damian Pattinson, PLoS: Article-level metrics and what they tell us about the impact of PLOS publications

Dan Scott, Social Sciences Directory: From concept to reality: a publisher’s experience of setting up in open access.

1900-late    Dinner and social event

Friday November 23rd

0900-1000    Keynote address by John Willinsky, professor at Stanford University: The Future of Scholarly Publishing Is the Future of Scholarship

1000-1030    Simon Thomson, CEO Open Access Key: Introducing Open Access Key.

1030-1045   Jan Yngve Sand, Associate Professor, University of Tromsø: Open Access mandatory? A comment on the new policy from Research Councils UK

1045-1115    Coffee

1115-1145   Just De Leeuwe and Anke Versteeg, TU Delft Library: OA Fund Delft University of Technology

1145-1215     Dirk Pieper, Head of Media Preparation Department, Bielefeld University Library: A golden era for Open Access or a trend towards the golden road to Open Access?

1215-1230     Jan Erik Frantsvåg, Open Access adviser, University of Tromsø: Experiences from the publication fund of the University of Tromsø

1230-1240    Conference closing

1240-1330    Lunch

Post-conference, Friday November 23rd

1330-1500   The Intellectual Properties of Learning: The Medieval Origins

John Willinsky will give a guest lecture on the emergence of the concept of intellectual property. This lecture is open for everyone to attend, and does not require registration.

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