, The 7th Munin Conference on Scientific Publishing 2012 – New Trends

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From concept to reality: a publisher’s experience of setting up in open access
Dan Scott

Last modified: 11-12-2012


2012 has seen a welcome increase in publicity about the problems that beset the scholarly publishing industry and research dissemination. The ‘academic spring’ stemming from a boycott of Elsevier titles and the publication of reports such as the Finch Report in the UK have brought these into the public domain, rather than remaining as issues for discussion within academic circles. Having worked in publishing for nearly two decades and within traditional scholarly publishing for six years, Dan Scott became well aware of the manifest issues and set out at the beginning of 2012 to offer a solution. Social Sciences Directory (www.socialsciencesdirectory.com) and, latterly, Humanities Directory (www.humanitiesdirectory.com), were conceived as offering both a progressive publishing solution that cut publication times, made research freely available to all and encouraged inter-disciplinary learning, and also responds to changing user behaviour through the concentration of large amounts of materials that are easily searchable by keywords.

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