About the author

Open Access Publishing in 2010: what publishers offer, what researchers want - First results of the SOAP project

Salvatore Mele

Dr. Salvatore Mele holds a PhD in Physics and works at CERN, the European Laboratory for Particle Physics. As of late 2006 he serves in the newly-created position of head of Open Access. In this capacity he acts as the interim project manager for the SCOAP3 consortium, aiming to convert to Open Access the entire literature of the field of High-Energy Physics. He also coordinates the SOAP project, financed by the European Commission, through which libraries, funding agencies and publishers are comparing the offer and the demand in the Open Access publishing marketplace, focusing on author needs, and whose first results will be presented at the Munin seminar.

Dr. Mele also contributes to the field of repositories and digital libraries: he is the strategic director of INSPIRE, the next-generation HEP information system built by a collaboration of laboratories in Europe and the United States. Recently, he started exploring opportunities for discipline repositories to be integral parts of an emerging e-Infrastructure for science, through the D4Science-II and OpenAIRE projects, financed by the European Commission.

Before his most recent appointment Dr. Mele worked for 15 years at the CERN LEP accelerator, the largest scientific instrument of the time, where he led teams that measured fundamental physics constants, hunted for the Higgs boson and searched for hints of extra dimensions. He is now connecting his previous research activity and his current interests by initiating discussions on data preservation, re-use and (open) access in HEP, through the PARSE.Insight and ODE projects, financed by the European Commission, and the DPHEP study group, an international effort of leading HEP stakeholders.