About the author

EU and Open Access: The OpenAIRE project

Jan Erik Frantsvåg
Department of Digital Resources and Services, The University Library of Tromsø

Jan Erik Frantsvåg is an economist currently working with Open Access at the University Library of Tromsø. He has worked for a number of years in banking, but since 1993 he has worked at the University of Tromsø in various administrative positions. He has interested himself in the economics of online science publishing (now Open Access publishing) since 1995, and has been looking into business models for Open Access publishing in NOAP, a project financed by Nordbib.

He is currently head of NORA - Norwegian Open Research Archives - but also spends much time working on Septentrio Academic Publishing, the University Library of Tromsø publishing service that currently hosts 4 OA journals, with another 1 in the pipeline.

He is also part of the Norwegian team that participates in the OpenAIRE project, funded by EU's FP7.