Dear Josephine,

Just to say how very proud I am of what you put together today with your super team!  Please let the team know that I was moved by their generosity, warm welcome and determination to make a difference.

Kind regards

Professor Paul Crawford
University of Nottingham

Hi Josephine

Glad the conference went well- brilliant organisation! It was a well attended lively and fast paced event. I was just sad that I could not on this occasion stay all day!

Professor Jo Smith
University of Worcester


Hi Josephine

It was my privilege to attend the event. It was tremendous effort. It will only lead to greater things.

Preethi Kumar PhD
Nottingham Trent University


Dear Josephine,

I am so glad I chose to participate at RAMHHE. Thank you for the opportunity. Please do feel free to write to me if there are similar opportunities to get involved n the future.

Best wishes,
Shruti Raghuraman
Student at the University of Nottingham  


Hi Josephine
Well done for Monday! Very glad to have gone and met a few more people including Calvin and the grae mata men. Very good to have more people talking about this silent oppressor!!

Julie Botticello
Senior Lecturer
University of East London


Hi Josephine,

Many, many congratulations on a fantastic conference! I hope it is something that can be rolled out to all universities.  It has certainly enhanced my awareness of the issues faced by my students (and the help that is available) and it is important that the message gets out widely.

Diane Trusson
University of Nottingham


Hi Josephine,

Just wanted to say well done on a excellent conference.

Next year I would like to speak to the delegates if that can be arranged.  What we are putting together can greatly enhance the quality of student & staff life at University the conference is a excellent platform for us to convey our message.

Could this be arranged?

Kind Regards

Dr Ferron Gray (DForenPsy)
Chief Executive Officer


Dear Josephine

I hope you had a good night's sleep after the success of the conference!  Well done to you and all the team!

I look forward to keeping in touch and wish you well with all your studies, health and advocacy for students.

With very best wishes

Yasmin Holmes
Mindfulness Makes Sense

Hi Josephine 

I really enjoyed the conference hopefully there will be more awareness in this important issue. 


Hardeep jhutti

Student at Derby University


Hi my lovely
It was so lovely meeting you. I felt like I'd known you for years! I felt so honoured to have been a part of this event. Thank you so much for asking me.
Please do count me in for any future conferences. You have my full support.
Looking forward to welcoming you to the show.


The Chrissy B Show

Sky Channel 203


Hi Josephine,

Josephine has been an inspiration to her fellow students. She has identified a common risk among her peers and those working in the University and has acted on this to help others. She aimed to raise awareness of mental health in higher education and has engaged and collaborated with others, at local, national, and international level by publishing blogs and via social media to disseminate her work.

She has networked widely and shown excellent leadership and role modelling her project. She has worked in a cooperative way to ensure everyone has a voice and has also given a voice to those who may not have felt able to previously. She has smashed the stigma around mental health and provided a safe space for people to come together and talk about this important issue.

Her project is not just for students but for everyone and as such has been an inclusive and collaborative project. She has shown concern for everyone, including those who often get forgotten in institutions. The ancillary staff who support students and often get forgotten because of the ‘invisible’ nature of their work to keep the university running.

She has inspired and enthused those around her to engage with the project and organised a successful conference which included the detailed planning of the venue, social media, refreshments and every other detail which makes such an event a success.

Josephine has put the welfare of her colleagues and co-workers before her own needs because of her passion to raise awareness of mental health in higher education. As such, I cannot think of anyone who is more deserving of this award as she has worked tirelessly alongside the pressures and commitment of doing a full time PhD.

Liz Charalambous (Staff nurse and PhD student)