1. More resources for training of staff in university about mental health, the statistics and how normal it is to experience a mental health condition.
  2. We can better support mental health in higher education by enabling students to have a sense of self and recognize when/what can be done to maintain wellbeing.
  3. Be role models and speak. Mental health is not a weakness.
  4. Talk about it! More!
  5. Make sure everyone talks about mental health the way they would talk about other aspects of their health.
  6. Educate teachers to be able to talk about mental health and support students in their day to day functioning.
  7. Through education.
  8. Focus more on prevention, rather than waiting for a crisis.
  9. More mental health and wellbeing be spoken about as something crucial to keep on top of at the beginning of studying, for all students in the department.
  10. Recognise and embrace ‘experts by experience’. Peer facilitators.
  11. Where possible, reduce academic related anxieties and question so much on reasonable adjustments.
  12. Removing the need for confidentiality. i.e. having open meeting.
  13. More training for all staff within the university.
  14. Encourage people to talk about it – try to reduce stigma.
  15. More target approach to different demographics. E.G. Raising awareness and reaching boys/males will be completely different to engaging with girls/females.
  16. Establish creative alliances: GP, counsellor, IAPT, University Police, and Early Intervention
  17. Talking about mental health and wellbeing in everything we do.
  18. Mapping out all existing services and asking students how their experiences are re: finding these services and utilizing them.
  19. Training for all key staff.
  20. Make awareness training mandatory across the university.
  21. Put more money into MH awareness, publicising positive mental health and resource, more support of staff.
  22. Have enough members of staff to be able to see students 1:1.
  23. Remove the stigma, make students feel like discussing their mental health is no different than saying they have a cough or cold.
  24. Share knowledge, train staff, train students and listen to each other.
  25. Service provision is disconnected – joined-up thinking.
  26. Training and awareness for all university staff.
  27. Hold regular coffees and dinners that are open door and put out conversation cards to get discussion going.
  28. Normalising the conversation about mental health and wellbeing, by providing supportive training for staff and students.
  29. Making universities and Student Unions work together so that there is coherent, easy to use/ understand marketing and communications so students know where they can get support –representative staff: black & minority ethnic practitioners, gender mix, LGBT practitioners.
  30. Macro change: De-marketise higher education; return from the language of market/customer to community/member.
  31. Equal priority for physical and mental health.
  32. Provide a safe space for students to express their needs and evoke changing the system.

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