Courtesy of the University of Nottingham

On Saturday 12 November 2016, the first ever Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) event on mental ill-health took place in Nottingham. The event was hosted by Josephine NwaAmaka Bardi, registered mental health nurse and ESRC PhD Mental Health and Wellbeing student.

The event offered an opportunity for University of Nottingham student volunteers to engage with members of the public to explore their views on the meaning and understanding of mental health. The Lord Mayor of Nottingham, Councillor Saghir, was also in attendance, speaking to and taking pictures with the public and volunteers.

Despite the rain, the public were very supportive of the event, and our volunteers managed to speak to 150 consenting men, women and students who completed 150 surveys and questionnaires on three questions:

  • What do you think mental health is?
  • Who would you go to for help with your mental health?
  • How can we better support mental health in Nottingham?

This was an unfunded ESRC event, so all efforts towards the planning, organising and delivery of the event were voluntary. As such, Josephine would like to thank the following people:

  • The ESRC for their approval to host the event
  • The Lord Mayor of Nottingham, Councillor Mohammed Saghir
  • Nottingham City Council, for giving permission to use the space
  • Jo Lymn, Head of School for Health Sciences
  • Dr Nicola Wright, Professor Paul Crawford and Dr Stephen Timmons (Josephine's supervisors)
  • Julia Carson Little, Student Engagement Manager
  • Nick Wright, Research and Business Development Officer Social Sciences (CAS), Financial and Business Services
  • Social Sciences (CAS)
  • Financial and Business Services, who supported the grant application process
  • The four student volunteers: Joseph Onokwai, Jennifer Newport, Moira Delaney-Banach and Noureen Shivji

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