"I'm fine."  How many times a day do you come across this? Whether you say it yourself, think about it or hear it elsewhere, being "fine" simply isn't cutting it these days. In an evermore bustling world, people seem to have less and less time; becoming busier than ever. The clocks don't tick-tockock faster. There are still 24 hours in a day. And yet, with a booming population it is ironic that we, as humans, are communicating less and less with one another.  That, fundamentally, is a serious problem.  

Be it on or offline the depth of communication we frequently engage in is evaporating right in front of our eyes. 

We're spending less time checking-in on one another and spending more time keeping ourselves to ourselves. What this means is that on the whole we aren't checking-in with ourselves often enough, nor voicing our thoughts - whether positive or negative.

It seems that in this couldron of exponential growth sprinkled with personal gain and a splash of capitalism, we've developed a loss of trust; no least towards one another, but arguably still, to ourselves. When we lose trust, we lose motive. And when money is thrown into the equation, one's focus tends not to be on how they spend their time, but on how their time is traded for money.  Absence of money does not mean absence of happiness however. Money and happiness are not one and the same. 'Wealth' itself isn't money. Wealth is experience, attitude and mindset; it is the latter that most importantly needs to be taken care of. The wealthiest people in the world are those who are self-aware, open-minded and willing to learn. They take care of their mind - just as they engage in regular exercise - to ensure they're maintaining a positive Mental Health. Mental. Health.  The dreaded phrase filled with stigma and (unconscious) bias. The phrase millions of us dare not speak of, nor challenge or investigate. But why? Just as we watch what we eat, brush our teeth twice a day and go to the gym thrice a week, why don't we take the time to invest in the muscle that quite literally keeps us alive? Regardless of background, discipline, ethnicity, profession, religion, priority or even fitness level, one will frankly not be able to perform effectively with a poor level of Mental Health. Everyone is vulnerable. Period. Take a look in the mirror and ask yourself just how "fine" you really are. Chances are you, or someone around you are experiencing some form of negative Mental Health issue. First thing's first; THAT'S OKAY because statistics show it happens to all of us at some point. Heck, we've created a data-bubble supplying us with infinite amounts of information day-in-day-out...no wonder it can be overwhelming at times. Whether it is through your Facebook news feed or Snapchat story, we're in an age where we're ever more fueling happiness through the lives of others. We're nosy. But we're also inherently envious. Let's face it, the grass is always greener. However, coming to terms with the fact that Mental Health is - just like physical health - a human characteristic we need to look after, is the first step to a better mental state. As creatures of habit it is actually easier for us to maintain a watchful eye on our Mental Health once we've trained ourselves to do so. Just as you do with fruit, have your five a day (connect, be active, take notice, keep learning, give). From mindfulness to yoga, slacklining to snowboarding, find what works for you. Be persistent, and don't give up. Beyond the screen, there is so much to live for and so much out there to explore.  Speak. Share. Ditch the stigma. No matter what it is you're experiencing - good or bad - it is better out than in.  You are far more beautiful than you can even imagine. #RAMHHE16 @ramhheconferen1  

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