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Library regulations

Universitetsbiblioteket i Tromsø


The University Library is a public, academic library. Borrowing privileges are granted any person 18 years or older. To get a library card you must fill out a registration form and show a piece of ID. Please read the library regulations before using your library card.

Loan periods

Circulation time for books is 4 weeks, with possibilities for renewal. If the book is requested by another user, it may be recalled after 2 weeks.

Journals at RMH and items from special collections may usually not be borrowed.

For certain groups, long term loans can be arranged with the library.

Borrower responsibility

Any document to be taken out of the library must be checked out by library staff or by using the self-service machine.

Any change of address must be reported to the library as soon as possible.

If a borrower fails to respond to library recall notices, a replacement charge will be incurred. The replacement cost currently amounts to NOK 750, including administrative charges.

Borrowers are responsible for all material registered on their library card. Documents on loan are for the personal use of the borrower only, and must not be passed on to anyone else.

Loss or damage to borrowed items incurs a replacement fee. Underlined passages, written notes etc. in library material are regarded as gross negligence. However little the extent of the damage, the document must be compensated for. In some instances, the library may allow borrowers to buy a replacement copy of the document in question, instead of paying the fee.

Interlibrary loan service

Material not in possession of the University Library of Tromsø, may be borrowed from other libraries. This service is offered faculty, students and staff at the University of Tromsø, the Faculty of Health Sciences at Tromsø University College, and staff at UNN, the University Hospital of North Norway. Undergraduates have limited access to interlibrary loans, at the time being 3 - three - items per semester. Ex. phil. students are normally not granted interlibrary loans.

For subjects with particular needs, a special agreement with the library can be arranged.

Interlibrary loans are subject to the conditions imposed by the lending library. In some cases these items can only be used within the library.

Failure to abide by borrowing privileges can result in the loss of these privileges.

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