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Borrow privileges and Interlibrary loans
The University Library is a public, academic library. Borrowing privileges are granted any person 18 years or older. To get a library card you must fill out a registration form and show a piece of ID. Please read the library regulations before using your library card.

Material not in possession of the University Library of Tromsø, may be borrowed from other libraries. This service is offered faculty, students and staff at the University of Tromsø, the Faculty of Health Sciences at Tromsø University College, and staff at UNN, the University Hospital of North Norway.
Interlibrary loans are subject to the conditions imposed by the lending library. In some cases these items can only be used within the library.

Public Terminals
Search terminals intended for library users are located in the library.
Guidance / Information
Library personnel can help users to search and find relevant literature at all library divisions. Separate service centers, offering assistance, may be found at the largest libraries. The university library also offers instruction in the use of the library and how to search the library's electronic catalog, BIBSYS, and other databases.
All libraries have public copying machines. Copy cards can be purchased in dispensers or at the loan desks.

The University Library of Tromsø, Breivika, N-9037 Tromsø,
Telephone.:(+47) 77 64 40 00, Fax.:(+47) 77 64 45 90
Editor: Library Director Helge Salvesen

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