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Library Divisions Brief descriptions of library divisions.
Opening Hours Information on opening hours and reference desk assistance at individual library divisions.
Library Workshops Learn more about how to use and search the libraries through library workshops providing instructional support in the University Library's electronic index BIBSYS.
Library Services About borrowing/interlibrary loans, assistance, public computers and copying.
Where…? Shows the locations of the library divisions on a map of the university campus in Breivika and on Tromsøya.
Study Carrels Locations, number of study carrels, privileges and information on how to contact the reading room advisor.
Administration Administrative diagram showing library divisions and library board information.

The University Library of Tromsø, Breivika, N-9037 Tromsø,
Telephone.:(+47) 77 64 40 00, Fax.:(+47) 77 64 45 90
Editor: Library Director Helge Salvesen

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