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Library of the Humanities, Social Sciences and Law HSJ-LIBRARY
More than 500 study carrels are distributed among locations in the basement, first-floor and second-floor.
Library of the Sciences, Medicine and Health Care RMH-LIBRARY
There are 57 study carrels here on level 7.
Tromsø Museum Library TMU-LIBRARY
Except for a reading lounge that is intended for reading journals, the TMU-Library does not have separate study carrels.
Other locations  
There are also study carrels located at faculty departments; these are reserved for students studying at individual departments.

The University Library of Tromsø, Breivika, N-9037 Tromsø,
Telephone.:(+47) 77 64 40 00, Fax.:(+47) 77 64 45 90
Editor: Library Director Helge Salvesen

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November 2005