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Norge.no The norge.no website is an access point to help users obtain information about Norway and find public services via the web. Links from the norge.no web pages are all subjec to the quality requirements appropriate to a public service.
ODIN Information service of the government, Prime Minister's office and government departments.
ODIN Publications Government publications: NOU, Norsk lysningsblad, etc. (in norwegian)
STORTINGET The Norwegian parliament's information service, containing information on documents, bill proceedings, references, etc.
ESOP Bibliographic database with references to all Storting and government documents, from the parliamentary year 1971/72-present (in norwegian).
LOVDATA Current laws and legal regulations, recent supreme court decisions and the latest editions of Norsk lovtidend.
SSB Statistics Norway - Here one can find digital statistics, comparable to Statistics Norway's paper publications.
National Parliaments Homepages of national assemblies from around the globe. Created by the IPU (Inter-Parliamentary Union).
International Statistics Links to other countries' official statistics. From Statistics Norway.

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